What is a Village Buddy?

We believe in the importance of welcoming and loving all children and families, no matter what their needs or abilities might be. This summer we launched our Village Kids Buddy Ministry in order to welcome, care for and support children who have special needs or different abilities and who might not otherwise be able to participate in a church children's ministry.

A buddy is someone who loves God, loves kids and is ready to welcome and offer extra support to any child who may need it. Buddies work one-on-one with children with special needs or disabilities and offer as much or as little assistance as needed to fully experience the Sunday morning worship service with our Village Kids ministry (ages 6 weeks-5th grade). The goal of this ministry is inclusion whenever possible in order to help kids be a part of the church and worship alongside their peers. We work with each family to craft what this support looks like according to each child's unique needs.

A family who is interested in being a part of this simply needs to contact us and we will begin the process of learning about the child and how we can best support him or her, making connections with a buddy, and answering any questions that may be lingering. Click the button below to email and get more information or ask any questions!

Become a Village Buddy

Do you love God, kids, and want to support kids who might otherwise have difficulty participating in Village Kids? The Village Kids staff would love to train you to be a Village Kids buddy, where you can work one-on-one and help kids with special needs, anxiety, or disabilities feel included in Village Kids. Complete the form below to learn more about serving as a Village Buddy!

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